Rare, Never Before Posted Interview with Patrick!

Hello all and welcome back. Today I’m very excited to introduce you to one of the most beloved characters in The Wish. Patrick has made the time to stop by and have a chat. So lets begin…(see list of Irish translations at end of this blog)

E.V.: Patrick, how are you?
Pat: A bit knackered from the flight here.
E.V.: Thanks so much for coming on such short notice. How’s Maggie doing?
Pat: With all the insanity at home, I think she’s holding up ok. But ya never know with Maggie.
E.V.: I don’t know how she does it. And have you heard anything from Jack?
Pat: No, it seems like donkey’s years since we heard anything from him.
E.V.: And Tom? No change?
Pat: Sorry to say, he’s in rag order. Days go by and no change.
E.V.: So sorry to hear that Pat. Is there anything our readers could do for you or Maggie?
Pat: Na, just keep praying that the Quare one, whoever or whatever he is, doesn’t find Jack before he reaches safety. And be careful too. If ya smell something mingin, mind yarselves. The Quare one or one of his followers may not be far from ya. Some people cop on ‘cuz they know. Just mind yarselves and they should be good.
E.V.: And how are YOU doing Pat. You’ve been through a lot.
Pat: Sometimes I feel I’m on me tot. Maggie doesn’t talk much to me about whats happened and everyone seems to be making it through one day at a time. I often feel like i’m meant to do more, ya know, to help. Sometimes I feel like I’m mad as a box of frogs. I’m hoping for brighter skies ahead.
E.V.: Any last words for our readers?
Pat: Na, just hoping they read our story and spread the word of what we’re going through. Maybe the more people who know, the more we’ll have pulling for us. Thanks for having me.
E.V.: Absolutely, Thanks for coming!

Thanks so much to Patrick and the airlines for getting him here so quickly. Patrick has been going through a lot and I hope that everyone could show their support by reading their story, The Wish, and give feedback on Amazon. And don’t forget, Patrick wants you to know that 100% of all proceeds the author would receive in book orders in 2017 is being donated to Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope, an organization that supports children battling cancer and other life threatening illnesses. He has asked that 100% of 2018 proceeds earned in book sales to be donated to St. Jude’s Hospital and I’ve agreed.
Thanks so much for joining us today. Please be sure to check out next week’s blog!
Til next time….
E.V. Jones

Below you will find a list of translations from Patrick’s conversation with me:
Knackered: tired
rag order: bad condition
donkeys years: long long time
Quare One: The Devil/Evil
Mingin: bad/foul smell
Cop On: have a clue
On me tot: on your own/alone
Mad box of frogs: gone crazy

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