Recognizing an Incredible Artist and a Road Trip 1

Thanks for returning! I wanted to let you know of an incredible artist I came across in my Twitter followers.
Ruppert Lindemann invited me to join him on his FB page and visit his website to get to know him and his work. He is an INCREDIBLE artist. He direct messaged me, telling me a little bit about himself and where his inspiration for his artwork comes from. He states he is just an amateur, although his artwork would say otherwise. He stated “he has never studied art nor has he ever had any professional training but has traveled the world and feels his exposure to the art of all the different cultures is what has trained him.” He is also an author with two very intriguing novels-I’ll get to that in a minute.
His gifts in the arts seems to have far surpassed the “amateur” title he has given himself. If you are looking for an incredible artist, I think we’ve found one. Unfortunately, in today’s world, the arts are not celebrated as much as sports, even though it is the artists that can have an impact on the beauty of our world today. In the very least, please stop by Ruppert’s website to take a gander at his work. I think it will surprise you that someone can create the artwork he has. His website is He also has 2 novels, Queen Makeda’s Sister, “a semi-historical novel”, and The Response, “a meditative novel”. I will be putting both of these novels on my “to read” list. Thank you Ruppert for allowing me to share your gift with my followers!

Personally, not much to report on. I am still awaiting on my galley copy from my publisher to finalize any revisions or edits needed. The book trailer is done and my husband promises it will be uploaded to my website under “Book One” page, by the end of this weekend. (We’ll see about that one). Things are a bit hectic here as we are gearing up for a big camping trip and heading out to California. We’ll be on the road with 6 kids (ages 7-16), for 27 days! I feel like the Griswalds in the movie, Vacation! I love camping and am looking forward to an exciting trip. My two sons, George (16) and Adam (12), are amateur movie makers and will begin filming a movie on our trip they just finished the story board on. I told them this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually film sites in the U.S. for a movie. So, they took that to heart and are prepared to begin filming their next movie during our trip. Their band’s website, will begin to have their movie clips as well to showcase their other talents besides music. I’ll let you know when those movie-mini’s become available to view.

I guess not much more to say, other than the next time I write, we should be in Montana by then. My blogs will continue while I’m gone, so please continue to join me and my adventures with my kids on the road!

Til then…
E.V. Jones

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