Reflecting on 2016!

Hello and Happy Holidays to you! This will be the last blog of 2016 and I can’t believe it! This year was filled with so many experiences for both me and my family that I wanted to share my reflections with you.
Early in the year, on March 17, appropriately enough St. Patrick’s Day, The Wish was released. I had my launch at The Cladaugh Irish pub/restaurant with many of my readers, friends and family there to support its launch. Shortly afterwards, in the summer, I had my first big store book signing at Barnes and Noble when I was invited to participate in the B-Fest Teen Book Fest for B&N. It was a wonderful experience and I was made to feel like a celebrity as readers stopped by and bought a copy of my book, then asked me to autograph it. I did a couple of radio interviews promoting my book, with the most recent one being with Rita Domann on WCOG. (You can go to her sight @ www.justritarealtalk to hear my interview.)I also experienced Book Con, one of the largest author event in North America! I met a lot of wonderful people and my daughter acquired ALOT of books she is still reading her way through! I did some book signings, author events and author visits at local schools where I had the opportunity to speak with students on the development of The Wish. Requests continue to come in for author visits from Chicagoland area schools as i continue to try and get my name and my book into the hands of my audience. Overall, I’m happy with how 2016 panned out and have already set my sights on 2017 and getting book number 2 out on the shelves!
My kids band, Summer Monkeys, have also done very well, being asked to play at numerous venues including: White Sox stadium, Great America, Keylime Cove, private parties, Ronald McDonald House, Mall of America, to just name a few. I’m extremely proud of my children’s commitment to playing for any charitable event at no cost. They have enjoyed every bit of playing their music and continue to add to their repertoire of songs, making sure the songs are kid friendly, entertaining and something that is ageless and anyone who listens.
My husband said that he see’s 2017 as an exciting year- he just has that feeling. I’m not one to make resolutions so I’ll end this weeks blog with a thank you to everyone who has supported me, followed me throughout this year, encouraged me, and most of all, are as excited for me and my journey as I am. Thank you for everything and please continue to share my sight and information in your social media circles as I’ve found this is truly the best advertisement I could ask for.
May all of you have a wonderful 2017!
Til next year, (hehehe)
E.V. Jones

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