Reflecting on my experiences so far

This week’s blog is a quick update on another exciting event that’s taking place!
I’m sending out a thank you to all my Twitter followers who have retweeted and favorited either my tweets or ones my website was mentioned in. I truly believe the traffic to my website has increased due to my Twitter followers. I had hoped to get 10,000 hits on my website by the end of the summer, but in reality I’m going to meet that goal much, much sooner than I had originally thought!
When my journey into writing first began, I had never intended for it to bring me to where I am today. But life has a way of surprising us. I have a publisher who saw the magic within my story and I have a circle of support from teachers, librarians, groups of Middle Graders, my husband and family and co-workers who encourage me and are truly excited to hear the progress leading up to the release of The Wish.
I’m hoping to continue with the momentum of followers on Twitter, keep the excitement of waiting for its release, and as I travel down this extraordinary path, I’m trying to remember everything . . .  the good parts, the frustrating parts, the surprises, etc.,and remember I’m on a path I had never imagined I’d be traveling. There are many of you who have been with me from my very first blog and have walked this extraordinary journey with me. I’m hoping you’ll continue to follow me up to the release of The Wish and beyond, because this is just the beginning. Thank you for all your continued support!

Until next week…
E.V. Jones

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