Remembering What’s Important

Have we lost our compassion for each other? When I brought my daughter to her speech therapy this week, the therapists were all dressed up in Christmas attire. I jokingly said, “Christmas in July?” They answered yes and I told them I actually have a Santa’s hat that I have on the back head rest of my car that is there year round. I got to thinking days later how nice it would be to actually have the feelings of giving and (without sounding cliché’) keeping Christmas in our hearts year round. Everyone says how the holidays can be so hard for those who lost loved ones or how no one should be alone on Christmas OR friends and family seem to find the time to get together BECAUSE it’s the holiday season. But why are we like this at JUST this time of the year? Why aren’t we more charitable year round, volunteering our time not just at the holidays, but throughout the year? Many say we all live such busy lives that it’s hard to find the time, but one thing I know from experience, when there’s a death in the family, suddenly everyone from friends to family are saying how we should all get together more often. It’s at some of the most difficult times that we are reminded of what matters most and how far we’ve all drifted away from one another, whether it be from our siblings, parents or friends. I like to believe that it’s not because we are becoming so antisocial that we don’t WANT to get together, but rather our lives are easily filled with “things” to do. “I’ve gotta paint this,” or “yard work has GOT to get done this weekend,” or we make up something because we’re so busy all week-long that all we want to do is rest on our days off. But a simple phone call can help keep us connected, (texting doesn’t count!). I also like to believe that there are more good people than “bad” people. If there wasn’t, we couldn’t walk out our front door without being mugged! And, raising our kids to be good adults should our goal as parents. Teaching them to remain connected as siblings and with their friends as they grow is important and a life skill that should be instilled at a young age. Although we are half way through the year and the holidays are but a few short months away, I challenge everyone to do one random act of kindness or call your family or even better yet, get together with them! It should never take tragic events in our lives to bring us together. I’ve tried to live by my words and as an example, for 2017, I’m committing 100% of all proceeds I earn through book sales of The Wish to the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope, an organization that supports children diagnosed with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Please share this information because the more books that are purchased the more we can help this organization and its wonderful things they do for children every day. I’ve already begun to consider the next organization I will be donating proceeds to for 2018!
Thank you for your continued support and for helping me help raise money for children battling cancer and other life threatening illnesses!
Til next time….

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