Sacred Art and a Lifestyle Under Criticism

Welcome! Every couple of weeks, I like to showcase an artist in hopes of making others aware of their work. This week I wanted to focus on a local art store who caters to those independent artists of different venues. Sacred Art is located here in Chicago and pride themselves on being a “safe haven” for artists to sell their work. They pride themselves on representing over 110 artists and also support poets and musicians within their space and throughout the Chicagoland area. It’s so refreshing to come across a shop that opens its doors to local, unknown artists in hopes to help the artist gain exposure for their work. When visiting their site, you can help support otherwise “unknown” artists by sharing their site within your social media circles as well as view the work yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something of interest and don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a truly unique piece of work! Please visit Sacred Art at to learn more!

On a personal note…Today I was grocery shopping and, as usual, some type of comment was made by the cashier in regards to my groceries. (If you’ve seen my most recent tweet, you’d know what I mean). I bought my usual 20+ pounds of bananas along with a mounds of other fruits, veggies, beans etc.. I made the mistake of mentioning that as a vegan, we use bananas to make our own ice-cream and it’s a great substitute for eggs. Now, the ignorance I can handle because most people don’t know everything, but the rudeness that follows is something that I just can’t understand. The response from the cashier was, “How do you stay healthy, no protein? No meat? That’s just how you’re supposed to eat.” Since I’ve heard this before, I already had a pre-recorded response, saying, “I used to think like that too, but if you really look into what we were meant to eat and how everything you possibly need can be gotten from plants, including protein, you’d think differently.” She just rolled her eyes and said, “well, I guess if you had kids, that would be different…” My response was, “I do have kids, and it was THEIR choice to try out a vegan lifestyle when we chose to pull them all out of school to home school them. We watched a few documentaries such as Forks over knives, and Race To Extinction, as a part of their curriculum and it was then that they wanted to try to go vegan.” The look on her face was priceless, (as are the looks whenever you tell people you home school 6 kids)as she just shook her head again and said, “I don’t buy into any of that, I’m in my 60’s and I’m healthy.” Now, not to be mean, but this cashier looked far from healthy. She was most definitely NOT at her ideal weight, a the smell of cigarette smoke escaped her immediate surroundings. I decided to end the conversation with the statement that usually stops them in their tracks. I finally just said, “Well, ignorance is bliss and I think we should just agree that we disagree.”
The things people say to total strangers amazes me! I teach my own children to be open-minded, take others feelings to heart when saying something, and never degrade another based on your beliefs. My response to the cashier wasn’t meant to be mean, just a statement that I don’t agree with her. I don’t want my kids growing up feeling like they have to defend themselves on healthy lifestyle choices that may not be mainstream society thinking. They are comfortable and determined in their choice of being vegan. They’ve never been your “typical” kids anyway. They’ve never had phones, don’t play video games, they ALL get along and are best of friends, don’t eat junk food and if given the choice to sit inside and watch t.v. or go light a fire and sit outside, they would choose the latter. My 17-year-old son gets along great with his 15 yr.old sister and 13-year-old brother. Those who said “you lose your kids when they become teenagers and don’t get them back til they are about 20-21 years old” never met my kids. Families CAN act like a family today and get along as long as the parents set the groundwork for it early. I’m proud of my kids and our newly acquired lifestyle. It works for us and I feel we are setting our kids up for a lifetime of healthy choices that will mean fewer doctors visits, less medication and less overall health problems as they age.

A special thank you to Mooseheart School for inviting me to come and talk to their High School Students about The Wish. I’m looking forward to returning next year!

Til next Week…
E.V. Jones

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