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As promised last week, I’d like to showcase two amazing artists. The first is Jonathan Franklin. I came across his artwork at the hospital I work at. The hospital supports local artists by hanging their artwork in a hallway as you enter the hospital. His paintings are amazing! They are unique, colorful and I think would prove to be the center piece of conversation in anyone’s home. You can view his work at The second artist is one I discovered through an invitation for the Geneva Cultural Arts Center. The artist’s name is Pat Bouvat. This artist’s photography has been taken from all over the world and shows what one can capture through a lens. The colors are vibrant and the photographs depict the true beauty in something as simple as an outdoor cafe to cobble stone streets. Architecture is captured and shared through the eyes of a photographer in ways I don’t think I would see on my own. If you’d like to view more of this amazing artists work, go to

As for me this week, I’ve finally completed my galley copy and am sending it off this afternoon to the publisher. Also, yesterday I visited Country Trails Elementary School and spent the day with each of the 4th grade classes talking about the development of The Wish as well as the series. They got a very unique experience in hearing how the characters were developed, how I came up with the names and especially, how the story came to be. Thanks to Mrs. Dieterman who invited me to be a part of their literacy week. With hopes that The Wish will be released before the end of the school year, I’ve been invited to return after the classes do a read aloud to answer any questions and get feedback on how my first visit impacted their reading and perception of the story and characters. Should be FUN!

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