Shout out to my lil’ sis and my publisher

I apologize for the delay in getting this week’s blog out, but we’ve had what I like to call the “plague”(say it with a British accent- it sounds better)! I felt just crumby enough so that even when I laid down, there was no relief from my symptoms. I’m hoping we’re all at the tail-end of it as my youngest son finally just ate two pieces of toast- AND KEPT IT DOWN!

As for myself and The Wish…I think we’ve settled on a final author name for me, E.V. Jones. I think I’ve mentioned there are a couple of other Yvonne Jones’ who are authors, and not necessarily a confusion I would want my middle grade readers to stumble upon. (not exactly appropriate content for middle graders) So, “E” standing for Evonthia, greek for Yvonne (what my father used to call me when I was younger), and “V” for Veronica, my middle name, would be quite appropriate. Thanks to my younger sister toni who made that suggestion! Will also be starting up another Y.A.C. at my kids elementary in a couple of weeks, to be run til the end of the year. Y.A.C. stands for young Authors Club, and it’s a club that meets one time a week for 7-9 weeks. I invite grades 2-5 to come and learn about story development, character development, do different exercises in writing and ultimately at the end of the ~2 month session, the kids have written a story, we bind it, they do their own cover art and it is “officially published” through Harrison Street School Y.A.C.! I absolute love running this club!
Finally, I must say, I love my publishers, World Nouveau! We are in the final run of edits/revisions, and their guidance and expertise in writing has allowed me to become a better writer. Their suggestions on edits and revisions has helped bring my story to life. It can be hard to have others critique what you do, but like I tell the students I speak with, editors/publishers are doing that to make your writing better. It’s always easier for someone on the outside, someone who really has no emotional interest in you (like your mom or family) to see the changes that should take place and make those suggestions. But once the changes occur, a magic is released, and suddenly the story becomes tangible, somehow you can physically see, smell and hear what the characters are experiencing. It’s really quite amazing.
Hoping to see everyone back next week. I should be back on track with my Wednesday blog. Please continue to share my site with your family and friends. Thanks so much for your support
til next week….
E.V. Jones

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