showcased artist and a teaser

As promised, the artist I chose to showcase this week is…. (drum roll please)…… Sallie Wolf and she’s an all around talented artist. She is a painter, an author, an explorer, a teacher and lives right here in Chicago! Her artwork left me wishing I could capture such images and put them on paper. I’ve always been jealous of those artists that not only paint with a magical hand, but who seem to have an overdeveloped part of the brain that controls the creative side. I encourage you to visit her website as I don’t feel I can do her justice in trying to explain all she has on it. Please show your support in visiting her site and sharing it in your social media circles. Her website is

As for my happenings with The Wish…things are starting to move fast. I have some pretty exciting news to announce this upcoming week, and as soon as I have all my information in front of me, you’ll be the first to know. You won’t want to miss this weeks blog, updates and tweets!

Looking forward to connecting with you this week to share some exciting news with you!
Thanks as always for all your support!

Til our next meeting….
E.V. Jones

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