Showcased Artist and Happenings at Our Home

If you’re a return follower, welcome back! If this is the first time you’ve visited, thanks for coming! As promised, I wanted to showcase a very unique artist from here in Chicago. Her name is Alex Velazquez Brightbill. Her beautifully crafted artwork, especially Lupitalandia series, brings together some of the brightest colors and most magical visions one can put into their visual arts. Theres an innocence, almost nostalgic mood that surfaces when viewing her work. Please take the time to visit her website at to view her work and show your support by either passing on her site to others in your social media circles or better yet, order a piece of her work.

Now, as for my life…things are revving up here at the Jones household. My husband returned to work this week as teachers begin a couple of days before the students. My kids are starting their first Fall semester at home as newly placed homeschoolers. It was really odd for me to not have to buy the hundreds of dollars in school supplies required by the schools every year. While we began a some classes a couple of weeks ago, a true schedule was not exactly followed because of us wrapping up a few things for the summer and their gigs. But, in order to gain some “normalcy” here, we decided to jump in full force on Wednesday as well. Lessons are planned and work is ready to be done. I’m very excited to start off the school year with my kids as homeschoolers. It still feels a bit odd but in a good way. The amount of work done in one day with my kids could NEVER have been done had they remained in school. And our plan is to be finished by 1pm! In addition, their musical abilities has grown by leaps and bounds, AND my 3 oldest are actually taking a college class at a junior college that will count as a dual credit for both high school as well as count towards their college credits-Pretty Cool! Had we never taken the chance on ourselves and our kids, we wouldn’t be where we are today with all of them learning at a pace that could never have been possible in the classroom. Now more than ever, I appreciate the dedication and handwork of teachers even more with my kids being homeschooled. Teachers are DEFINITELY a group of professionals that are sorely underpaid & under appreciated!

Til next time…take a chance on something, you just might surprise yourself of what your capable of!
E.V. Jones

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