Standing strong and decisions made

Have you ever been faced with a situation where something is being done and you feel so strongly about not following the crowd that you take a stand? I was faced with that this week. Actually, its been a long time coming. A heated topic has hit the media regarding standardized testing in our schools. Now, whether you are a proponent of them or an opponent of them, this is America, and we all have the right to speak our minds. At the risk of not going into details, I took a stand this week on my children’s behalf. It was a personal decision made by our family, and I feel, it was the right decision. We have brought our children up their whole lives telling them, “if you believe in something strong enough, AND it is clearly the right thing, then you support it, you act on it and you stand up for it.” This past week, I needed to ‘walk the walk’ and did just that. As a parent acting on our children’s behalf,  this is a lesson that took the words we have spoken all these years and put them into action. I would never want my own kids to crumble or give into societies ways, especially when it goes against every grain of their upbringing or what they truly believe in. If  there are threats of consequences, or bullying tactics to gain our compliance, then as a family, we are willing to remain strong and continue on the path we have chosen.

This situation runs along the same vein as my character’s choices in doing what is right. All of them are faced with a situation at some point, and they must choose the right path, no matter the consequences. Remaining firm in one’s beliefs is a theme throughout The Wish. After all, at the end of the day, you have no one to face but yourself regarding the decisions you have made.

Finally, an update on the progress of The Wish is that the final galley copy is to be mailed on Monday! That gives me roughly three weeks to complete all edits and send it back.  I can’t wait to physically hold that galley copy in my hands, which will have the cover design in print! It looks as though we are on schedule with a release of early April, but I still don’t have a release date. As soon as I am told as well as given the okay to post the cover, I’ll let you know.

til next week…….


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