Starting anew in the Fall!

The Fall always conjures of feelings of new beginnings, probably because school gets back into full gear, holidays come back around and the plans of gathering family and friends is a big part of the holiday season, starting with Halloween. I love Fall and think back to where we as a family were this time last year. Did you ever realize that when you think, “wow, a year from now is a long time away to wait for….” but when you look back, it went by in the blink of an eye? Last year this time, I was winding down from the excitement of the release of ‘The Wish’ in March, our kids were just getting their feet wet with performing as a band and I had just met Yoli Alvin from the Alyssa Alvin Foundation. Our relationship has grown into our commitment as a family to helping her and the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope.
In the past month, I began to send my letters out to the schools I’ve visited as well as am reaching out to schools outside the boarders of Illinois in beginning author visits via Skype! Some other exciting news is that I’m happy to say I’ve topped 90,000+ visits to my website and am finalizing my final edits of Book number 2 in the Cloverleaf Chronicles Series. Most recently, my publisher was recognized as a “published and listed” or “P.A.L” of SCBWI! This opens up more doors for myself and other authors of World Nouveau Publishing!
I’m excited for this coming year and hope to have even more new and exciting news and experiences for our family. I’m hoping you’ll continue to follow me on my journey in the coming year as I share my family experiences including: my kids journey with their band, info on the release of The Wish in e-book as well as gearing up for Book Number Two’s release and more!
Til next time….

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