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Some exciting stuff…The release of The Wish is drawing close! I’ve topped 5200 views on my website and I’m continuing to work on final edits while still juggling my family, full time job and doing research for book number three. I’ve also been working on developing an author program to bring to schools called T.A.P. standing for, The Author Program. Its an exciting and unique program I think students will enjoy. For as long as I am able, it will be free of charge to the schools. I will write more about that in the weeks to come once I have it completely developed and it’s on my website. Also, my official giveaway for The Wish on Goodreads will post on March 31st and run til April 30th. All you have to do is enter to win a free, personalized, signed copy of The Wish! I’ve received a few wonderful reviews on Goodreads as well from my “previewers” who read a galley of my book. There’s also a blog I started on Goodreads that is directed more towards the book itself. Finally, finishing up the preliminary work on my book trailer and hoping to get that put together in the next few weeks and posted on my website as well as youtube!
So, I’ve been keeping busy, trying to stay focused before the big release. Still waiting for the cover to be approved by my publisher with the new authors name. I think the least confusing name to go with is Y.V. Jones. This is to assure when the reader punches in Y.V. Jones in Google, they get to my book, not the other Yvonne Jones’. Not much more to report. Like I said, once I get some feedback from the publisher on the cover, my official name we’ll go with and a firm release date, you’ll be the first to know!
Thanks for your continued support! Hoping to see you back next week. Please don’t forget to share my website with your family and friends!
Til next week….

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