Summer Monkeys and Book Trailer

Some very exciting news!….My son has pretty much finished up the book trailer, just some minor editing and it should be up on my website before the end of next week! I think both he and my daughter did a very nice job in putting it together. I’m still chugging along with book number three, but it’s been going a bit slow because I haven’t had as much time to work on it as I would like.
My kids did a wonderful job in the ‘Geneva’s Got Talent’ competition and are up against some pretty stiff competition. There were some AMAZING singers there. We find out tomorrow if they made it to the finals. If they did, they will compete against 9 other acts for the grand prize of $1000.00! Their dream was to be able to play in front of a crowd, on stage, and they did. They showed me yesterday their sportsmanship as they wished the band following them good luck. They took a chance and got up in front of hundreds of people and did their best. What more could a mom ask for? Voting on Facebook continues til tomorrow. ( I had originally thought their audition performance was going to be posted on the Park Districts FB page, but it was just their picture. Voting remains open until tomorrow for anyone who would like to go on and vote for my kids. If you’d like to see their performance, you can go to their website (which is now up and running) and see them perform “Wipe Out’ by the Safaris in the Geneva’s Got Talent competition. It is please be sure to check out their website, they are all very proud of what they’ve accomplished already as young artists sharing their music with others.
Not too much more to report on. I’ll be sure to post an extra blog if my book trailer is up on the website before next week’s post.
Til next week…
E.V. Jones

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