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So, as I was working Monday night, (I work the midnight shift as a Nursing Supervisor),I began getting questions about how my book was doing. After giving the update, I was bombarded with words of encouragement and support. It all still feels like a dream that my book is actually getting published. Then on Tuesday, my visitors number on my sight increased because of (I believe) those that I spoke with. They all said they would be sure to share me with their Facebook friends, pass the words onto their children, their children’s friends, as well as their nieces and nephews. I feel so lucky to have supportive people surrounding me, not just at home, but also where I work. With that in mind, I started to think how much good I could do in helping other artists in getting the word out about their work whether it be a book, their music or artwork. After reviewing a few sights, I wanted to pass along to you a couple of other sights to take a look at.
Sharon Warchol is the author of Jax Sheppard And The Seven Mirrors. This is the first book in a series. It’s seems to be a Middle Grade Fantasy/Young Adult book. The sneak peak alone is AMAZING! You can go to
In the music arena, there is a young band that is AMAZING! I first heard of them from my husband who is a math teacher and one of his students is in a band called Livewire. The singer is in elementary school! Check out their website at
Finally, I found an amazing young artist who is only 5 years old. Iris Grace is autistic, but her pastel paintings rival any well-known painters talents! Go to to check out her work!
I hope you visit these sights and show your support for these artists today by sharing them on your Facebook page, buying their work, or just leaving a comment in support of their work.
As always, thanks so much for visiting me today. Please don’t forget to share my website in your social media circles! I appreciate your support and hope to see you back next week!

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