T.A.P. has begun!

Wow, where has the week gone? I was thinking today was Thursday, and when I saw it was FRIDAY, I realized I didn’t blog yet. Sorry.
Anyway, this past week I received an email from my publisher that she had been out-of-town and assumed emails were being answered by her colleagues. So, as it stands, I sent her my edits/revisions on the book on Wednesday and she is going to get back to me on our next step. I know there are more edits/revisions to be done, but I’m hoping we will be done by the end of the summer so I can schedule my author visits at schools, bookstores and libraries. I’ve begun to get some requests for bookings for next school year which is quite exciting! Word of T.A.P. has gotten out, which I think is what got those requests started. For those of you who are wondering ‘what is T.A.P.’? It’s an author/book program where I do three separate visits to the schools: Part One is where I speak to the students on conception of The Wish and the development of the story. I also go over the process of writing, editing revising and experiences of getting published. Part Two is where the students read the book or have a read aloud in class. Then Part Three is where I come and do an authors visit and do book signings.
The idea of T.A.P. is for the students to have a very unique experience where they will get a “behind the scenes” look at the development of the book as well as the series and get to know not only me, but the characters in the book in a way that other readers are not privy to. They will get the back story of how the characters were developed so that when they read the story, they gain a better appreciation for the story as a whole. It’s really exciting for me to share such details with the students and let them build a relationship with the characters before they ever meet them in my book. Not much more to report on. I’m continuing to chug ahead on book number three. Please stop by next week as I’m planning on recognizing a couple of incredible artists for you to make a visit to their websites.
Thanks so much for the visit.
Til next week….

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