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First some exciting news…If you go to the ‘Book One’ page on my website, at the end of the chapter is a quiz to take online. I developed it with readers in mind and helping them to identify with one of the four main characters in the book. I thought it would be a fun way of introducing some of the main characters before the book’s release. Plus, to be honest, it really is kind of cool to see where you would stand were you a character in The Wish. As a bonus, when you take the quiz, you can print up an official certificate stating who you are most like. Thanks to my hubby who helped with the tech part! Please pass this on to those you know and see where you stand compared to them.

It’s the first week of summer break for the kids and we all have very high aspirations of not only enjoying some well deserved relaxation time, but each of us in my family seems to have some personal goals for the summer. While I’m anxiously anticipating the release of The Wish, the (final?)edits/revisions will be underway in just a couple of weeks and I feel like I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. There is also a possible change ahead for me professionally and I’m not sure how to approach it mentally.
While no one likes change, sometimes change can be good; opening our eyes to new experiences and new people we never would have met had we not taken a chance. If all one has ever known is what they experience in the safety of their familiar surroundings, then how can they be expected to grow both mentally and emotionally? There can be so many mental obstacles that we put up in front of us to assure any new experience is not a successful one because it’s easy to stay where we are. It’s what we’re familiar with, what we’re comfortable with. But I’m not sure being “comfortable” or “familiar” is a reason to remain where I am anymore. I think I may need to move forward and see what’s beyond the horizon. I just haven’t convinced myself (mentally) yet.
Along the same vein in The Wish, the main character Jack is familiar with his surroundings, he’s comfortable, but dreams of other places in the world to travel. He seems to have an itch that needs to be scratched. He’s only ever known home, the hills that he grew up in. But, when his world does a one-eighty and he soon discovers there is so much more out there than he had ever dreamed of, he welcomes the new experiences with open arms and soon realizes how much is out there!
Just like in any situation that is new to us, there are ups and downs. But as long as we don’t build those obstacles in our minds to assure the new experiences won’t be something of a positive change, because we are so busy finding reasons why it won’t work, I think we can even surprise ourselves with how something different can be just as rewarding as the familiar.

Til next week…
E.V. Jones

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