Teaching kids to take chances (bonus blog)

As promised, I wanted to tell you how my family lives by the belief I wrote about last week…taking chances. A few weeks ago, 4 of my 6 kids auditioned for a competition held every year during our Swedish Fest Days called, ‘Geneva’s Got Talent’. They formed a band called, Summer Monkeys, and play any songs that sound like “Summer” songs. They’ve only been playing together for about 6 months and have already got about 4-5 songs they play fairly well. They auditioned with the song ‘Wipe Out’ by the Surfers and have made it onto the semi-finals! They will be performing tomorrow (Wednesday) on the Main Stage for Swedish Days, and only 10 semi-finalists will make it onto the finals for Saturday. They are up against some stiff competition and are excited to just perform in front of people.
I’m asking if my followers could please go to the following website and help support my kids in the arts, and vote. www.facebook.com/GenevaParkDistrict
I’ve told my kids, to be able to share their music with others and have fun doing it, is first and foremost, most important. I’m hoping with this experience they will learn, grow and come to appreciate their gift in a much broader way than they have ever experienced!
Thanks for your support and see you on Thursday for my weekly blog.
til then…
E.V. Jones

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