Thank you Madison Middle School! 2

So, today I got to return to a school that is near and dear to my heart, Madison Middle School in Naperville, Illinois. A few years back, I worked as a classroom nurse in the special education room. I had the honor of working with some AMAZING people. The teachers, students, librarian, etc. are all fantastic! They invited me last year when The Wish first came out and invited me back this year to talk with the students about the development of The Wish as well as give some insights to my struggles with writing. Which I must say is not too different from theirs. They were a gracious group of students, coming up to me after my session with them and even stayed a bit later to talk to me after school. I met some incredible students who were aspiring authors, movie makers, nurses, etc. While I absolutely love talking to students about the development of The Wish, my bigger takeaway for them was that they should believe they could do anything in life. I explained how certain points of my life were met with nay sayers, but that didn’t stop me. If they truly have a love for something in their heart, they should go for it. I’m hoping they enjoyed hearing me talk as I did talking with them. Thank you Madison for another incredible visit and your continued support of my dream-getting published!

Next week, please stop by as I’ll be featuring another amazing artist but also, I’d like to open up the floor and take questions from you. Any question you may have for me, I welcome it. I’ll also throw in some tid-bits of information about myself that most people don’t know. You could send your questions to either my cloverleaf chronicles gmail or post them on my website and I’ll be sure to answer them next week Friday.

Til next week, I’ll be looking for your questions!
E.V. Jones

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