The Accident- Part II

Thanks so much for returning! Here’s Part II of my original scary story, The Accident.

Well, Danny survived, but was now dealing with the loss of a hand. He seemed more freaked out by the fact that he cut his own hand off than he did with having to now live without it. He said he didn’t remember it hurting all that much, just that he remembered the feeling of the axe chopping through his wrist bone.
Several months had passed, and as he was recovering from the injury, I would find reasons to stay overnight at his house. He wouldn’t ever admit to it, but I know it helped him to talk about the accident. We would often stay up for hours at night just talking about what happened. The night he died, I was sleeping over.
It was about three o’clock in the morning and I woke up to Danny calling my name.
“Do you hear that?” He asked.
I listened, and all I heard was scratching, like a critter going through garbage.
Danny stood up and walked over to his window. As he drew back the curtain, he strained to look outside to see what was making the noise. Then, as if someone had pushed him back, he fell into a desk opposite the window. He was staring at the window with disbelief, slowly making his way back towards it.
“Danny? What was it?” I asked, still not wanting to get out of bed to look for myself.
Without answering, he approached the window then slowly opened it. He was blocking my view, but at the last minute I saw a hand with its index finger pointing at Danny then rolling up into a beckoning motion.
“It came back. I can be normal again.” He said as he opened the window.
In an unearthly speed, Danny’s hand lunged at him, wrapping its long white fingers around his neck. Danny gasped for air, yelling, “Why! Get off, get off!”
Just as Danny took his last breath, his dad entered the room, grabbed the hand from Danny’s neck and pried the fingers from his throat. He threw the hand out the window and cradled Danny’s lifeless body in his arms. That night, he made me promise to never tell a living soul what happened. He told the police his son hanged himself. That was the story the papers told. And that was the story everyone within an ears shot of the story was told.
But, now you know the truth. Chances are, if what Danny’s dad says is true, and by me telling this story, I’ve invited an evil to come looking for me, well I guess only time will tell. If I’m still alive, you can look me up. But, if the evil did truly find me, my name will only be found in the obituaries, and it will be up to you whether anyone else knows the truth of what really happened to Danny that night. But the question is, will you be brave enough to tell the story too?

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope to see you next week as I give updates on The Wish and a surprise guest may be showing up.

Til next week….Get scared! Tis the season!
E.V. Jones

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