The Clover-original story that started The Wish!

As promised, I’m giving my followers a rare glimpse at the original story I wrote almost 9 years ago when I would write stories with my son on “story night”. This is the story that surfaced one day years later which ended up taking on a life of its’ own and eventually turned into, The Wish. I’m posting it in its original version, unedited, just as it looked when I wrote it so many years ago. Keep this in mind when reading it. Enjoy!

The Clover

I hear her voice as she gently shakes me.
“Happy Birthday sleepy head. We have a doctor’s appointment, then grandpa is coming.”
She pulled the sheets back and removed the pillows from my contracted arms.
I opened my eyes and blinked twice to say good morning. I wasn’t always
stuck inside this body. I used to run, play, smile, but that seems like just a dream
these days.
Every day I feel those memories fade, kind of like a fog settling over
my thoughts, slowly erasing the life I once knew. When I was three years old, we got
the news from the doctor that I was having trouble walking due to a disease that
was slowly breaking down the proteins in my muscles, causing them to weaken. By
the time I was five, I was in a wheel chair, but was still able to feed myself. By time I
hit double digits, ten, I was confined to my wheelchair, unable to talk, smile or
respond. Everyone thought they were losing me, but my mom knew otherwise.
She would tell me at night when she tucked me into bed, “I know you’re still in there
Sean. I can see it in your eyes.”
Then she’d shut off the light and I was left to myself, running, jumping and
laughing in my head. Today is my thirteenth birthday and I have another doctors
appointment to talk about another trial drug that has shown promise with kids
like me and get paperwork to receive a computer that will help me communicate
with my family. I can’t wait to tell my mom, ‘I love you.’
After the doctor’s appointment, we headed straight home because my
Grandpa from Ireland was coming for a visit for my birthday. I heard mom talking to
him a couple of weeks ago and she was crying. I don’t think she believes I’ll be
around much longer. I’m not afraid of dying, really, I’m not. I think Grandpa is
coming for a visit because of my mom’s conversation with him. It’ll be nice to see
him again.
When we got into the house, there he was. He stood up and looked to be
seven feet tall. Of course, everyone looks tall when you’re in a wheelchair. He came
straight to me with a box wrapped in brown paper and a green bow on it.
“Sean, how are ya lad? I’ve brought something very special for ya for your
He then crouched down in front of me and unwrapped it. He opened it and
pulled out a necklace with a small four-leaf clover dressed in emerald stones.
It sparkled unlike anything I’d ever seen before. As he placed it over my head, I felt
immediate sense of freedom, like I wanted to jump out of my own skin and run
across the room and yell at the top of my lungs. But all I could do was blink to thank
him. My mom thanked him for the gift then wheeled me into the kitchen as she
started dinner and talked to grandpa.
After dinner, mom got me ready for bed and let me keep the charm around
my neck when I went to sleep. That was the night that changed my life FOREVER.
In my dream, I was in a world where I was as tall as grandpa, but young, and
healthy. I could run, jump and even fought off some bad guys with a staff I carried.
The only injury I sustained was a small cut on my hand after stumbling back during
a fight and cut my right palm on a rock. That isn’t what was so strange though. The
strange thing is the next day. When my mom woke me up to start the day, she asked
how I got the cut on my right palm! It was then that I knew the clover my grandpa
gave me was more than just a clover charm. It was magical!

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