The making of The Wish!

I’ve had quite a few people ask me how I got started in writing The Wish. I’ve always loved writing, but the writing of stories and poems on paper didn’t necessarily come with the intent of ever getting published. It wasn’t until my first child George was born, who, at six years old, was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder, that my road to writing stories really took root. Because this disorder most often will cause a delay in speech, it was my son’s teachers who suggested he write stories down and then practiced reading them out loud as a form of therapy. So, one to two nights a week, after putting my other children to bed, I would write stories with George. Sometimes we would make up stories together, but most times we would just sit and write our own stories. I’ve always been drawn to Ireland, its customs and stories. From this fascination came the makings of The Wish. The original story was only 2 pages in length I wrote during one of our “story nights” that ended up taking on a life of its own years later. The story resurfaced in my mind and I pulled it out of my files in my computer. Characters were born from people I know, taking on many of the characteristics, sayings, and physical attributes from those in my life. After almost a year of writing my story, I finished with the intent of it only to be read by my own children, once they got older. But after some research, I decided to send out queries to get my story published, wanting to share it with the world. I had a few interests, but ultimately, no takers. Then on a cold February evening, an email popped up from the publisher I eventually signed on with, asking for the full manuscript. I sent it off and waited two months before getting a response. It came; a request for resubmission if it were professionally edited to their suggestions. Realizing it was a gamble worth taking, I invested in hiring a professional editor and worked on my story for ten long months with my editor. After resubmitting to the interested publisher, I waited three long months before I received an offer from them to publish The Wish.
I just submitted my galley copy in October with the second round of suggested edits and revisions made by my publisher. Now, I (im)patiently await their response. I heard back from them a couple of weeks ago stating they will be contact with me after the Holidays! It’s been a long road of writing, submissions and now editing, but I continue to learn so much in the whole process of getting published, that I try to talk with students every chance I get, and let them in on my experiences, to show them that any dream is worth chasing as long as you believe in yourself!
The Wish is Book One in a series of four of The Cloverleaf Chronicles. I’ve already completed Book Two and am currently in the process of doing edits on that book as well. Book Three is underway with the first three chapters written!

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E.V. Jones

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