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Hi All,
So, my computer has been hijacked by my daughter for her DJ’ing so I’ve had limited access! (She REALLY needs to get her own computer). Some exciting news for our family! We were featured in the Forks Over Knives newsletter this week. If you get a chance, head over to their sight to take a gander. www.forksoverknives.com Also, continuing to work on more venues for book signings and about half way through book number two edits. Heard back from my publisher on possible release of my e-book and they said there is one author ahead of my book then I’m next! Hoping to get my e-book out some time this Fall. Will keep you all updated. Other exciting news is my kids band Summer Monkeys were featured on our local Chicago radio station 95.9 The River. They did an acoustic set and were interviewed. We’re heading out this morning to Eyes to the Sky Balloon fest today.

Not more to report on. Still waiting to hear back from the local author I mentioned in my last blog.

Til next Week….
E.V. Jones

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