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Hi All,
Yea! I have an internet connection! I’m currently in Missoula, Montana with my family on vacation and am finally getting into “vacation mode”. The drive out was HILLY! I’ve found (for the first time), that I’m turning into a “scaredy cat”! Never thought I’d say that. Pulling our camper on a little two lane road along the side of a mountain was a bit nerve-wracking yesterday. Although the view was BEAUTIFUL! We had our first experience of just how small of a world this really is. First, being at Mount Rushmore, a gentleman approached us when he saw my daughter wearing a Geneva Volley Ball t-shirt. He asked if we were from Geneva Illinois and said he lived on the west side of town-just a couple of miles from us back home. Then, sitting at a pizza place yesterday, after our 13.5 hour drive to Missoula, my husband saw the principal of my kids Middle school sitting directly across from us. (kids weren’t all too happy as it reminded them of school!) It got me wondering on just who else we may meet on our travels.
Then, as we were planning our next stops of our vacation, we mentioned we’d be going to Hollywood and Universal Studios. As the kids all sat and talked about how cool it would be to run into a movie star, my 8-year-old daughter then said,”hey guys, we could do anything we want. We could be famous one day too!” I have often said I want to stoke the fires of my children’s dreams and not only tell them that they can do anything they want, but I want to be an example to prove to them that dreams can come true. I’m hoping to show this by having my book published (a dream that seemed much too far-fetched when I first began this journey). My kids seem to be learning a valuable lesson on this vacation. Besides the history of Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse (to name a few), they are realizing the boundaries of their lives don’t have to be within the town they live in. They are learning that there is so much out there in the world to see and dream of becoming, just by visiting them on our travels. I’m hoping to meet up with my publisher along the way as we head down highway 101 (Pacific Coast), traveling from Seattle to San Diego, then onto Vegas! I would love for my kids to meet the wonderful ladies who have helped make my dreams a reality.
As for my website, the book trailer is done, but we ran into a few snags with the editing, so it looks like it won’t be on the website til after we get back from vacation. Sorry.
Til next week…Keep your dreams always within your heart and within your sights!
E.V. Jones

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