Visited my old Middle School-Mannheim Middle School and What’s Next!

Before I tell you about my unbelievable week, I wanted to tell you about one of the most talented artists I’ve come across as one of my Twitter followers. His name is Leonid Afremov. He’s a painter living in Florida and his artwork can be ordered and shipped anywhere. it is absolutely breathtaking. I’m looking into possibly ordering a piece of artwork for myself. He is nothing short of a genius in his use of colors, landscape and overall theme of his artwork. It would definitely be an eye-catcher to anyone walking into a room and seeing it. Please show your support and go to to view his artwork and possibly buy one of his pieces.
Thanks so much or supporting a fellow artist! As for my week and what I’ve been up to….

What a GREAT week! I spent two days this week at my old stomping grounds where I graduated from 34 years ago, Mannheim Middle School in Melrose Park, Illinois! I felt so welcomed, had the Superintendent and Director of Curriculum and Teaching for the District stop by and say hi. I spoke with the Principal as well. But my favorite part was talking with the students. It’s a very humbling experience to have 6th graders approach me and say, “If you could do this and become a published author and YOU graduated from here, then so can I.” I was hoping for exactly that. During my talks with the students, I open myself up to how my life unfolded and how I truly believe everything happens for a reason. By the end of my talk, they come to realize that I really am no different from them, grew up in the same are as them, attended the same school, and even though I never had any intentions when I was their age of becoming a published author, that was the road my life and experiences lead to me to. I spoke with the teacher Jaime, who was my contact in setting up my visit to Mannheim, and we both agreed we’d like to continue with a relationship so that I may return next year. Thank you Mannheim for all your kindness, can’t wait to see you again next school year!
Also, hopefully you are a Twitter follower because if you are, you saw I had my first interview with The Author Show. It ran for 24 hours starting 12 midnight Thursday. It was a great experience and I had a few comments on my social media that they really enjoyed it.
I have a couple more school visits in the weeks ahead and then I’m prepping for BEA/BookCon for May 11-May 14. I’ve got my books, bookmakers, posters and some limited edition cover photos. I’ll be playing with the setup of my booth and pray I get some interested onlookers once there!

Will keep you updated on public venue book signings and anything else that comes my way..
Til next week….
E.V. Jones

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