What a Year!!!

It’s been quite a year! I was made the offer of my first book being picked up by World Nouveau Publishing, then signing the contract. I can’t tell you how unbelievable a feeling it is to be sign your name on the dotted line! I also finished book number two, have edited it a couple of times, and have begun book number three! The third book has taken a bit more research than the first two due to the need of having to answer a few questions from the first two books. Because of this, it’s a bit slower in the making.
Since getting my website up and running, I’ve also posted a few unknown, struggling or debut artists who deserve the attention to their art. It only takes one person to share their work and I’m hoping by doing so, my readers will then share their information to their friends in their social media groups. Artists aren’t supported in the same way athletes are, but yet its the arts that truly enhances EVERYONES lives. Whether it be music, paintings, sculptures, or stories, the arts are something everyone can enjoy and participate in. The arts add meaning to our everyday lives. It makes us think, feel, believe, dream, hope, and at times, escape our everyday lives to a place we can find peace. In this coming year, I’m asking that if you see or hear of an artist, whatever arena they may create in, to please support them in any way possible. It can be as simple as passing on their information just by word of mouth, to supporting them through donations, or just telling them in person or by email, how much you enjoy their work. We can all make a difference in other people’s lives in some sort of positive way.
One of my goals in this coming year on the road to my debut release of The Wish is to get more artists recognized for their work through my website. The more followers I have, the greater an impact we can all make in other people’s lives. So please share my website in your social media circles, with friends at lunch and with your family. I’ll continue to post a couple of times a month the names of fellow artists for you to visit and show your support.
Thank you everyone for your continued words of encouragement and support. I hope in 2015, you have a year filled with memories with family and friends. Here’s wishing everyone has a wonderful New Year!
Next week will be a few more featured artists, so please stay tuned. If you have the name of an artist you would like for me to post in my blog, please send it to me via message on my website. Thanks! Hope to see you back next week!

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