What’s in a Name?

Doing research for my book, I wanted to make sure I developed my characters from as many angles as possible. One of the ways I did that was research names that could add a dimension to the characters and their personality. I have always been fascinated by the meaning of names and their relationship to a one’s personality. For example, I have a son named George. The greek meaning for George is, farmer or person of the earth. In reality, George loves camping and is a very “out doorsy” type of kid. He loves being anywhere in nature. Coincidence or was he destined to be named George? I encourage my readers to look into the meaning of their names, first or last, and see how it may relate to their personality or their life.
In The Wish, I named my characters according to their role in the story. This wasn’t by accident. I am hoping the reader gains a deeper understanding of my characters just through their names. Here’s another teaser for my book. The main character’s last name is Shannahan. The Irish meaning of Shannahan is ‘wise one’. That name plays an important part in setting up the premise of this character. Another character’s name is Alastrine. The Irish meaning of this name is ‘defender of mankind’. Finally, one of my favorite characters in this book is Kellen. I actually got this name from my children’s piano teacher. His last name is Kellen. When I looked up his name in dedicating a poem to his son, I discovered the Irish meaning of Kellen is ‘warrior’. I thought “HOW APPROPRIATE! I have the name of one of the main supporting characters for my book!”
So, there you have it. I’ve given you some insight to three of the characters in my book, one with a name meaning “wise one”, one meaning “defender of mankind” and finally, one meaning “warrior.”
In light of the Christmas holiday, I also thought it is interesting to know that two of Santa’s reindeer have very significant names: Donner and Blitzen in German mean thunder and lightening! What two better names for Santa’s reindeer to pull his sleigh!
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