Winding down and first Galley!

Well, my family and I are winding down on our vacation with one more week left. It’s been an incredible journey and a vacation of a lifetime! My top three favorite parts of this vacation has been: (1)Redwoods, (2)Universal Studios, (3)Seattle. My kids LOVED Universal Studios because it was entertaining, informative and everyone (I mean EVERYONE!) who worked there were extremely nice-always smiling and willing to help or answer questions. As some of you may recall, my oldest son George is into movie making and has been filming a short movie on our travels across the U.S. His experience at Universal Studios fed the fire (he has brewing) in movie making and I truly hope he decides to ultimately pursue that dream. He seems to have a talent (I’d even go so far as to say a “gift”) in making movies and perspectives. I’ll be sure to go into a bit more detail in my upcoming blogs regarding their website and short movies they will be posting. So, stay tuned!
Along the lines of fulfilling one’s dreams, I met with my publisher yesterday and thought it would be a “hi, how are you, nice to finally meet you,” have some coffee and be on our ways after about an hour or so. But, surprisingly, we sat and talked for about three hours! It was wonderful. It was nice to put a face and personality to a name after interacting with them for the past two years. I got my galley copy in book format and it was an incredible feeling to actually hold my story (in book format!) The front cover looks amazing and the back is just as beautiful with a hint of “mystery” to it. Yesterday felt like the beginning of the next phase in my book being published. I got some great information, advice and we exchanged a few ideas regarding the marketing of my novel. My kids are beginning to also see how much work it is to set your own destiny, but through hard work, perseverance, and patience, you can do ANYTHING you want.
I will continue to keep everyone updated on the progress of my novel, upcoming author visits for the T.A.P. program and anything else that comes my way.
Thank you for your continued support and please remember to share my website with family and friends in your social media circles.
Til next week….
E.V. Jones

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