Y.A.C., cover art and thank you’s!

Hi All,

Yesterday I finished with my last meeting of Y.A.C. with the high school girls at Moooseheart. They were absolutely wonderful to work with and wish them all the best in their writing endeavors. I am so proud of them as we had a few books underway as well as some poems that were all ready for submission for publication. Congratulations Ladies!!!

As for my past week, it was a roller coaster of emotions. When I read that the writing part for an author is the easy part, and afterwards is where the real work begins, I’m soon realizing, that’s no lie. While my publisher takes care of some of the marketing aspect, it really is a partnership, and as an author, it’s my responsibility to do my part as well. So, as I await the final cover art from my publisher, I’m kind of at a stand still with a few things. Getting media kits together can’t really be finalized until I have the cover art. And,  I can’t begin to market myself to bookstores, libraries, schools, the media, etc, until I get my media kit together. Also, the ordering of t-shirts is on hold for the final design as well. So, it’s a waiting game. I’m very excited to see the final cover design from my publisher!

Other things I’m working on while waiting is, I set up an authors page on Goodreads in hopes of getting some reviews of my book on there from my reviewers who’ve read the book prior to it’s release. I believe those will be posted on the day of the books release. So, lots happening! I have a feeling that once I can really get started on my marketing part of my books release, then it is going to get crazy-exciting, but crazy!

Finally, I wanted to mention that the hits to website continue to roll in and I’m over 3900 hits as of this morning!! I know a big part of that is due to you! Your sharing of my site, liking me on your fb pages, and continuing to follow me weekly on my blog is the reason that number continues to climb. It’s really quite humbling to have such support and encouragement daily from both my followers and those around me. Thank you for everything!

If there are any updates this week from my publisher, I’ll be sure to post immediately! If you haven’t subscribed to my post, please continue to do a quick drop in to check for updates. I’ll also post on my f.b page if there are any updates as well!

until next time…..


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