Yo Yo Ma and Words of Wisdom

Sorry for the delay in posting, but thanks for coming back for a visit. Last week I was given the opportunity to watch the Chicago Symphony Orchestra do a their dress rehearsal with YoYo Ma. My children’s orchestra class was invited with other Chicago area schools orchestra classes for a rare opportunity to see the work that goes into preparing for a professional performance. It was amazing! Besides the experience of being able to watch YoYo Ma perform in person, his words of wisdom afterwards were even more impressive. Yo Yo said two things when speaking with the students that resonated with me, first he asked the students what they were most worried about. Their responses were “college, getting a job, ACT’s, SAT’s, Prom” etc. He told them, in his very soft-spoken way, “don’t confuse the urgent with the important. Before you know it, you’ll be 60, 70, 80 years old, and you don’t want to look back on your life and have regrets.” The second thing he told the students was, “Don’t confuse nervousness with excitement. Nerves can paralyze you, but before you do anything important, take a deep breath and try to separate whether you are truly nervous or just excited.” He said “he gets excited before each performance but if you let nerves paralyze you, then you’ll never be able to take a chance to do anything.” Of course, the way he said it was much more eloquent, but you get the idea. My experience last week seemed to correlate with what I blogged on a couple of weeks ago when hearing the mom in the grocery store telling her daughter to go into a profession that pays a lot of money. That is a clear example of confusing what is important in one’s life.
Last week, we got a bit of a scare with my oldest son, having to spend the better half of Friday at the doctor’s office, getting tests done and heading to the hospital for more tests. We are continuing this week with another test, and although I’m optimistic the results will come back fine, I’ve had a reality check that reminds me how nothing is guaranteed to be smooth sailing in life. I think sometimes we just need a reminder that our “every day lives” are truly a gift. While I treasure every quiet moment in a house full with 6 children, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I turned 48 years old back in January and feel as though my life is exactly where it should be. I’ve learned through the years growing up with a sister who had health problems that there were/are very few things that are truly urgent. But the important things in my life-like my family, my health, and being sure to help others if I can, is what matters. I’m hoping my own children will keep the important things in mind to help guide them through the years.

Haven’t yet heard from my publisher. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as we progress towards the release of The Wish. Be sure to stop by next week when I showcase another artist or two and will hopefully have an update on the books release.

Til next week…

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