Special October Boo’s

Being that it’s October and my favorite Holiday (tied with Christmas) is this month, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about a few odd things and debunk a few myths, all in the name of the spookiness, keeping the spirit of all Hallow’s Eve in mind!

This all came about yesterday when I was in line at the grocery store and the science teacher I did my student teaching was in front of me. We began to talk and she asked how my kids were doing. When I told her of their happenings and how I pulled them out of the public school system about 3 years ago, she asked what made me do that. I told her their wanting to have time for their music was at the base of that decision, but the one thing that was the catalyst to our decision was when I learned they were being taught that blood is blue. She in response said to me, “blood is blue, just look”, and she pointed to her arm where you can see her veins that were clearly blue. I smiled and corrected her, but realized this science teacher most likely had taught her own students this “fallacy”. So, let me debunk a few ideas and beliefs in society today. And if you still have trouble with believing what I’m debunking, please research yourself and you’ll soon realize these “realities were actually fairy tales you were told to believe. So let’s get started…..

Myth: Blood is Blue
Truth: No! No! No! Blood IS NOT BLUE! How this whole idea came about is mind-boggling to me! There is only one creature on earth that has blue blood and that is a frog that can be found in some rainforest. Our blood CAN NOT be blue for the main fact that we have iron in our blood, which gives it its red coloring. Blood DOES NOT turn red just when oxygen hits it. And if you don’t believe me, try this. Get a clear glass and fill it with a clear cooking oil. stick your finger in the oil and then prick your finger with a needle while immersed in the oil. Being that there is no oxygen in the oil, you’ll notice the blood still flows out red. The veins in your arm look blue because that is the color that is picked up when light hits it. NOT because blood is blue!

Myth: Nails and hair continue to grow when someone dies.
Truth: Hair and nails won’t continue to grow, even after someone dies. Due to dehydration of the body, cells shrink and makes it appear that nails and hair continue to grow.

Myth: When someone dies with their eyes open, it’s easy to just close them.
Truth: Not always true. Usually, it is very difficult to keep the eyes completely closed. They do and will slightly open, even after you close their lids.
So go forward and PLEASE help spread the word on these myths, especially the regarding those that believe blood is blue. I am actually surprised that so many adults were taught this and still believe it today!

Til next week….don’t always believe what you’re told, even if it’s from an adult!
E.V. Jones

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