Your Inner Dreamer

Hi and thanks so much for stopping by. With the recent wave of cooler weather, I find myself getting into the Fall mood! Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons. It almost feels like the start of the year for me because we’ve had a Summer of “rest” before my husband heads back to work. Because he’s a teacher, most of our kids gigs are booked in the Summer, which keeps us quite busy! Besides the feeling of new beginnings in the Fall, I’m reminded of how fast the years are flying by. Having kids truly reminds me just how fast life passes us by. That is why I am so happy that we are teaching our kids to follow their dreams and that I took a chance in getting my book published. It can be hard, putting yourself out there, knowing there are those that live to scrutinize, criticize and use any chance they can to make you feel less than you are. But, as a family, the support we have for one another in following our dreams is the buffer between us and the “nay sayers”

How many of you have had a dream but were afraid to pursue it with fear of the critical eye upon you? It can be hard to ignore those looks or comments by others. But think of how upset or empty you’d feel if you don’t do what’s in YOUR heart. Life is short, too short! If you don’t have the courage to take a chance and pursue what you love, my advice is that you read other’s stories. Those who took a chance on their dreams or how they started out and how their success today was grounded in not listening to the critics, but keeping their “eye on the prize”.
No matter your age or your talent or your dream, never let ANYONE stand in the way of you doing what you love! Even if you don’t hit it “big”, at least you will never say, “I wish I would have….”

Til next week….Become deaf to the critics and listen to you inner dreamer!
E.V. Jones

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