Ghosts Or My Imagination? You Be The Judge.

There’s only one week left for me to have some more fun with spooky tales! I thought it would be cool to share some personal, odd, (possibly supernatural) stories I’ve experienced myself. Keep in mind, I’m not sure if these are true ghost stories, but they definitely don’t have a concrete explanation for what happened. You make your own conclusion, but remember, everything is not always what it seems in life.

When one of my sons was about 3-4 years old, he told me that the few times he woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom over the course of a few months, he would see someone standing at the bottom of the stairs of our house. He said it was a skinny man with a hat on his head. At first, I checked the doors to make sure everything was locked, but when I saw there was no sign of anyone being able to get into the house, I told my son he was probably just dreaming.

Months that followed, he said he would occasionally see him there, but he wasn’t afraid because he knew the man was there making sure he wouldn’t fall down the stairs. When I asked again what did the man look like, he pointed to a picture of my father, who had passed away almost 25 years prior. As the years passed, he doesn’t remember seeing the man, but I have a feeling my father was watching over him from the beyond!

2nd story:
My older sister had battled a rare disease for years before she finally lost her battle and passed away about 5 years ago. After her death, I would have done anything to talk to her and know she was ok. About one month after her death, I awoke one night to a shadow of someone leaning up against the wall, next to my bedside. I had thought it was my oldest daughter Isabel. I told her if she had a bad dream, it was only a dream and to go back to bed. I then closed my eyes, but felt like she was still in the room. When I opened my eyes, I saw the shadow still standing there, hands behind her back leaning up against the wall with her head tilted down towards me. I told her again to go back to bed then closed my eyes. It was at this very moment that I had a vision of my sister who had died and thought of her saying, “I’m fine”. When I opened my eyes, the shadow was gone and I felt like it was my sister saying good-bye and letting me know she was in a better place.

Til next week….remember, everything may not be what they seem!
E.V. Jones