Why I Write

Hi and welcome back! I wanted to share with you this week my reason for writing and what inspires me to continue, even through writer’s blocks and frustrations. I developed The Wish from a 1 ½ page short story I wrote many years ago when my oldest son George was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder at age 7. It was suggested by one of his teachers that he writes stories and then read them out loud. We began having story time in the evening 2-3 times a week where he and I would write stories and read them to one another when finished. One of those stories I wrote called The Clover was written and tucked away in my files until years later it resurfaced in my brain and I felt a need to expand on the story. After just over a year of writing, The Wish became book one of four in the Cloverleaf Chronicles Series. And so began my journey of becoming a published author. I was lucky enough to find a small publishing company who believed in the indie author and in my story. It took us approximately one year of edits and revisions until the day finally came and it was released on, appropriately enough, St. Patrick’s Day. Since then, I’ve completed book number two and have begun book number three. Cloverleaf Chronicles Series revolves around a young boy whose destiny was determined by a single, selfless act his father performed in order to protect him from an ancient evil hunting him and the final gift. 

My writing came to a slow halt in the past year with increased time being devoted to  my kids band, more (and longer) work hours and overall life filling my free time, leaving very little, if any, time to write. The two things that brought me back to my computer to write were: my husband, who did a complete overhauling of my website and my two younger daughters reading book one. When they asked if they could read book number two, I was reignited with the “writing bug”.  I once again opened up my computer to continue what I started and picked up where I left off on book number three. I’ve also been taking some time to do research on turning The Wish into a screenplay. I started this about a year ago and have decided to do it the right way with lots of reading and understanding the intricacies of writing a screenplay. Book One, The Wish, lays the foundation for books two through four and my hopes in doing this is the reader gets the feeling of “making new friends” by understanding the characters and where they come from. When the reader shares in the joys and losses, moments of sadness or feeling scared along with the characters, that’s what makes writing a story worth telling. It’s an escape, not only for me as the writer but for the reader as they are pulled into a world where magic exists and anything is possible. That is what inspires me to continue with my writing. 

Finally, I always said I believe we are all connected on this earth and if we can extend a hand and help others with the gifts we have, then our lives mean something. With that in mind, I’ve committed 100% of all proceeds earned from books sold to be donated to St. Judes Children’s Hospital. I’m hoping you will become a part of my ‘pay it forward’ campaign by purchasing a copy of The Wish. 

Thank you for being a part of my journey! 

Til next time…. 


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