Tomorrow's Never Promised

A new year can bring about so many feelings: nostalgia, excitement, anticipation, etc. The year past was quite a roller coaster for my family. My kids did their first nationwide tour with their band, SM6. I began a journey of turning The Wish into a screenplay that has been an “on again, off again” love-hate project. And, I learned my older brother was diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer. When he was diagnosed, he had approximately a 4% chance of surviving 1 year. So here we are, one year later and he’s still with us. I’ve had my share of family illnesses with a sister who passed away 6 years ago after a long history of medical issues surviving a rare childhood disease 40 years prior to her passing away. With the most recent news of my brother this year, you can’t help but think how fragile life truly is. My brother was a healthy man who doesn’t smoke or drink. He’s lived a healthy lifestyle and has always been in fairly good shape. His diagnosis came like a slap in the face and seeing him battle an illness that came out of left field helps keep your perspective on life straight. 

I’ve had so people ask me where do I get my energy and positive attitude from. If everyone would just realize how lucky they are and be thankful for what they have, maybe their outlook would be a more positive one. I work in a profession where I see the homeless, people in ‘not so good’ situations/relationships, people who’ve made bad choices in their lives which brings them through our ER fighting for their lives.  

At the beginning of this year, I am looking forward to continue spending as much time with my brother as possible. I am committing to finish what I started last year and turn The Wish into a screenplay and recommit to my health. Life is short, so I might a well do today what I should have done a year ago. Tomorrow is never promised to any of us, but if we can lay our heads down at night knowing we did a little bit of something that brings us closer to a dream or, in the very least reconnect with family, then our days are never wasted. 

Til next week….