Support Of A Young Artist-Alli Haber

Keeping in stride with my support of young artists, I am lucky enough to actually know the young lady I’m recognizing this week. Her name is Alli Haber. 

Last year when my six kids were on tour with their band SM6, they met a lot of amazing, young talented artists. One of them being Alli. I had the pleasure of meeting her parents and talking with them about Alli’s journey. I’ve always been a strong believer in everything happens for a reason and she is the epitome of this saying. Alli was discovered by an amazing manager who at one time, worked with Radio Disney. She heard Alli singing in a park at an outdoor event. This manager Peggy just happened to be walking through and stumbled upon this amazing young singer. After giving her information to Alli’s parents, they called some time later and so a relationship was started. We’ve had the pleasure of hearing this up and coming pop artist in Celebration Florida this past December during their holiday celebration. Her performance continues to blow us all away and we can’t wait to see how her future unfolds. Alli is now represented by Peggy’s management company who works with many artists, mainly up and coming, developing them for stardom. Alli’s music can be found on Spotify and you visit her website 

Until next week….. 

E.V. Jones