Becoming Vegan

So, what drives change in ones life? Major life events, accidents, loss? Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results has said to be a sign of crazy, or is it just ignorance. When my husband and I decide to pull our 6 children out of school to homeschool ALL of them, it wasn’t necessarily done because of any one major life event. There were a few factors that contributed to our decision, but what came out of that decision was something I had never thought would happen. We became vegan! 

During the time of us getting their curriculum together for their now new schooling, we told them to watch documentaries. It all started with a show that came on (I believe) Discovery Channel called, Race to Extinction. They followed that show with, Food Inc., Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and ended with Forks Over Knives. The last one was what sealed the deal (so to speak) in becoming vegan. As we did research on being vegan, we realized just how mislead we were all those years on nutrition. Ignorance truly is bliss, because the road of becoming vegan was an eye opener. It forced us to read EVERY LABEL of what we ate. We had no idea how much dairy or dairy derived ingredients were in things we would have never expected. We learned how the dairy industry is LITERALLY destroying our environment. And most interestingly, we learned how animals aren’t not the only source in obtaining protein. Plants provide more than enough protein for humans, but we’ve always been told meat is the way to go Being vegan is a personal decision we all made as a family, knowing in order to be successful we had to all have buy in. Comments made when I tell others we are vegan are: “I can’t give up my burgers,” “I love my cheese,” or “what about calcium and protein for your kids?” Answering their questions brings about looks of disbelief and refusal to be open minded enough to even consider something so opposite of what they’ve always been taught. Something I tell everyone who is truly interested in trying a healthier lifestyle is to watch the documentary, Forks of Knives. It really is an eye opener regarding going vegan and historically, why we eat meat and use dairy. The audience learns the overall misleading information given to the public regarding nutrition. 

So, if you can open your mind to trying something different that is both personally beneficial and helping the environment at the same time, I’d suggest to try a vegan meal a week and maybe gradually having one vegan meal a day. The health benefits are a no brainer! 

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