Seeing Past the “Start Line”

Welcome! With the Fall season upon and many projects underway in the Jones Household, I came to a realization just this morning. Nothing comes quickly and without a lot of planning and hard work. Let me explain.

Having 6 kids in a band, both parents working full-time, me working on my book series as well as attempting to write a screenplay for The Wish, I want things NOW! I want book #2 to get published, I want to really understand and be able to get into the groove of writing a screenplay, I want my kids music to be released, I want projects finished around the house AND with all this, I want more free time. Juggling a career, family, extracurricular interests, my own kids musical career, etc. has taken a great deal of planning of our schedules, financial commitments and focus. But nothing in life is easy that’s worth getting. The ride in attaining our goals and dreams has a way of molding us into human beings who develop strong work ethic, fine tune our focus and keep us wanting more to achieve the prize we have set in our minds. And, while I’m referring to myself and my family and our goals, these thoughts are not just within the confines of OUR dreams. Anyone who hopes for more or has dreams of their future that only they can see will not come without some patients, perseverance and hard work. And even now as I look back, I see the obstacles, the hills and valleys we’ve encountered on our journey of achieving our dreams. Were it not for those experiences, I’m not so sure our “wins” would have been so sweet. Looking back, I’m able to see just how far we’ve come from the “start” line, although the journey up to this point seemed to drag while we were (and are) in the moment.

And as we travel along the road in pursuing our dreams, I think it’s also important to “pay it forward” and help others along the way. Helping others will hopefully encourage and inspire them to do the same when they come across someone in need of their help. I love keeping this notion in mind because it shows we are all connected in some way, shape or form.

I’m reminded of a quote that goes something like, “the only difference between those of us that succeed and those that didn’t is, they gave up.”

til next week….pursue your dreams and be one of those who, didn’t give up!
E.V. Jones

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